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Spring, Vientiane update. Suddenly, we Zhejiang Hui Chong Fan Co., Ltd. has gone through ups and downs more than ten years, it is the moment to usher in a new period of development. In retrospect, Hui Chong fans have been leaps and bounds, there have been twists and turns in advance, and there have been wandering wander formula. It is precisely because we have consistently adhere to "create value for customers, for employees to seek welfare benefits contributions to society, the company won the development of" this unwavering faith, the company can achieve today's brilliant achievements. Have firm support of the majority of customers, all employees who are still there, there are friends of help, we are confident in the company's prospects.

Dead Poets Society, nourishing all things. "Eighteen big" new wind to the development of our business has injected new vitality into the next few years is an important stage of business development, we will be the strategic objectives for the wind turbine industry development blueprint for positive change and innovate, strengthen marketing, the management of R & D, manufacturing and human resources, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and create a high quality, efficient, profitable and sustainable business model, and always maintain the leading position in the wind turbine manufacturing companies in the industry.

Thousand sails compete, trees Zhengchun. Enterprise development, team (individual) progress as evolution laws of nature, as only seize the opportunity, courage, survival of the fittest to the strong world. I believe that our business and the team must dare to advance with the times in the fierce market competition, never give up!

"Grateful heart, grateful for you", "be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue." Our customers love Thanksgiving, pay employees and support colleagues, social care, inclusive of our rivals. Thanksgiving let us achieve social harmony and win-win, all-inclusive so that we become self-confident and powerful. Therefore, we have reason to believe that tomorrow will be even better!


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