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Company Profile

Zhejiang Hui Chong Fan Co., Ltd. is located in the south bank of Hangzhou Bay Jiashao bridge over the river, the beautiful Cao'e River, located in the provincial economic development zones - in the Shangyu Economic Development Zone, adjacent to State Road 329 and Hangzhou-Ningbo Canal, the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway , three high-speed, 104 national Road and Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway in this intersection, the location and convenient transportation.

This is a company specialized in all kinds of projects for infrastructure and equipment supporting the industrial fans and air-cooled equipment research and development, design, production and marketing of fan industry key enterprises, the predecessor of Shangyu Best Fan Co. In recent years the company through continuous enhancement technology, equipment, production capacity, infrastructure and upgrade management, now has annual production capacity of more than ten million units (sets) of various types of high-quality fans and air-cooled equipment. The company has "Hui Chong" brand three dozen major series, more than 1,000 varieties and specifications of the fan air-cooled equipment, such as fire exhaust fan, dual fire tank centrifugal fan, jet tunnel fans, subway fan shaft flow fans, mixed (oblique) flow fan, the wind chassis, intelligent induced fan, FRP series fans, explosion-proof fans, cooling fans, high temperature fan, dust blower, range hood fan, air conditioner fan, aluminum roof fans, wall fans, pipeline fans, all kinds of industrial centrifugal fans and other special fan, widely used in civil construction real estate, industrial plants, subways, highways and tunnels mechanical, HVAC, refrigeration, electricity, electronics, iron and steel, petroleum, natural gas, rubber, chemicals, pharmaceuticals , tobacco and logistics, catering, hotels (hotel), shopping malls (supermarkets) and services and other fields and industries. Products with energy saving, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, reliable operation in the country occupies a high profile and market share, and exported to Southeast Asia and the European Union and other places. Company effective implementation of the ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system and ISO10012 international measurement management system certification, "Hui Chong," the top brand in the domestic wind turbine industry and national authorities as "Shaoxing brand."

Companies adhere to the scientific research and innovation, long-standing cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University and other universities and research institutes, market-oriented development of new products, all kinds of fans have been a number of national patents. Company and the Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly developed fan aerodynamic performance test center has the leading domestic level, the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center air conditioning equipment certification, quality control and new product research and development has been a reliable guarantee. Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, customer first" philosophy, to create "honest, pragmatic, innovative, harmonious," the corporate culture, won several departments, "Shou contract re-credit units", "Shou-quality demonstration units outstanding," " energy saving products preferred brand "," Zhejiang fire protection products industry advanced enterprises "," Chinese e-commerce business integrity "and the financial institutions' credit rating of AAA-class" honorary title. "Benefit Year" will "advocate science and technology innovation, the pursuit of low-carbon environment, to create excellent quality, leading wind turbine industry" responsibility, unswervingly committed to technological innovation and industrial upgrading fan industry, to make Chinese traditional manufacturing towards a comprehensive contribute to the modernization.

Customer is always our friend's back, your satisfaction is always our common goal. "Hui Chong" is willing to join hands with you, a new high!


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